Full-Service Production Management for Virtual and Semi-Virtual Events

Empty seats in our theaters and cultural centers doesn’t mean we need to lose touch with the audiences who find solace and inspiration within them. Frost is here to help continue the connection with your community, audience, and donor base through virtual events and fundraising.

A Gala is the unique moment of your theatrical season to engage your donor base around a shared experience, bringing them together through spectacle and celebration.

Activate your community remotely:

Live stream performances and speeches

Share video content of pre-taped messages from Artists & Patrons

Collect donations on an online platform


Translate your fundraising event from a live performance to an engaging live-streamed event.

In one simple package, Frost takes care of everything your company needs to connect with donors no matter the circumstances.

We can facilitate and provide:

  • Stage and Decor Design and Production
  • Top-of-the-Line Lighting Design
  • Professional Audio Package
  • Multi-Camera Live Shoot with Seamless Camera Switching
  • Full Rehearsal with Talent and Tech
  • Post-Production Editing for Long-Lasting Video Archives
  • Full Management of LIve-Streaming and Donation Platforms

and much more!

Semi-Virtual Package

  • Stage & Set
    • Installation of a dedicated raised stage.
      • 8ft deep x 12ft wide x 8in tall. Includes black fabric skirt and a backdrop of black pipe and drape fabric.
  • Audio
    • Installation of slimline audio system to amplify remarks and musical performances for both live talent and live stream feed.
      • Includes (3) stage audio monitors, an audio mix rack, (2) vocal microphones, (1) additional backup wireless handheld, and (2) instrument microphones.
    • Lucite lectern with (2) slimline gooseneck microphones.
    • Comm system (wired and wireless) to accommodate show calling.
    • Performance Package based on string duo with a vocalist.
      • Includes (2) instrument microphones, (2) monitor wedges, (1) wireless vocal microphone.
      • Performers to provide all backline needs. Frost can provide backline as per riders as needed for an additional cost.
  • Lighting
    • Color-changing wireless front lighting illuminates the performance area.
      • Includes a (6) fixture package of automated lighting.
    • A warm, flattering, and functional stage wash illuminates speakers and performers.
    • Spotlighting of speaker at lectern.
    • Lighting Technician/Operator on site for installation, event, and removal.
  • Graphics
    • Video and graphic assets designer/creator, for ‘lower third’ graphics, layout, etc.
      • Based on (1) 10 hour day of content creation, does not include purchasing of any stock footage or images.
  • Live Streaming Package
    • Includes streaming gear, personnel, and online platform to broadcast a high-definition live event. Includes installation, system testing, rehearsal, live event, and removal.
  • Video
    • 80″ Confidence Monitor on dual pole stand for video playback, allows speakers/performers to see what is being streamed.
    • Dual Reflector Presidential Teleprompter System
      • Includes laptop prompting system (with backup laptop), and script(s) delievered 48 hours prior to load-in.
    • Video Switcher Package with seamless switcher and (2) laptops for playback.
    • Camera Switcher Package, responsible for switching camera feeds.
    • (2) Video Camera Packages.
      • Includes cameras with appropriate lens, tripod, and spiderpod.
    • Fiber Kit.
    • (3) Atomos Recorders.
  • Editing
    • Video Editor to work with producer and/or client to edit recordings into a video which can be shared after the event, on YouTube and the social media platform of choice.
  • Pre-Production & Production Personnel
    • Includes Necessary Labor for a live-streaming team to plan, coordinate, install, rehearse, stream, record, and edit the event.
      • Includes:
        • Executive PRoducer
        • Production Manager
        • Technical Director
        • Stage Manager
        • Assistant Stage Manager
        • Stage Hands
        • Camera Director
        • (1) Camera Operator
        • Teleprompter Operator
        • Lead Video Engineer/Operator
        • Lead Audio Engineer/Operator
        • Streaming Technician/Operator
        • Video Editor
        • Lead Lighting Technician/Operator
        • Streaming Engineer

Package Total: $55,000

Fully Virtual Package

For some events, on-site performances still aren’t a possibility.

For a more cost-effective and fully virtual event, we offer a package that enables speakers and performers to pre-record their presentations from anywhere in the world.

  • Project Management
    • Expert guidance and strategy from an experienced Producer/Project Manager
  • Editing
    • Video Editor to work with producer and/or client to edit assets into a video which will stream on YouTube with a donation button.
      • Based on(5) 10 hour days of content creation, does not include purchasing of any stock footage or images.
  • Graphics
    • Video and graphic assets designer/creator, for ‘lower third’ graphics, layout, etc.
      • Based on (2) 10 hour days of content creation, does not include purchasing of any stock footage or images.
  • Streaming
    • Includes labor of planning, editing, and streaming the event.
      • Includes:
      • Producer/PM
      • Private Live Stream to integrate with client’s choice of donation platform

Package Total: $9,000

Need a little extra?

Here at Frost we take pride in the fact that every proposal is handcrafted and personalized to the client. The packages are just a guideline! With a full warehouse and production staff on-hand, we’re able to accommodate practically any request you may have for additions to the previously suggested packages.

Examples include:

  • Additional camera angles for live stream performances
  • Bandwidth enhancement for low-bandwidth venues
  • Content Creation: On-site videography for producing pre-taped interviews/performances etc.
  • Decor
  • Editor/Client collaborative sessions (in addition to those included in package).
  • Fundraising platforms and strategizing
  • Public vs. Private streaming options

Templeton Prize Ceremony

Metropolitan Museum of Art
May 29,2019

For the 2019 John Templeton Foundation Ceremony, Frost Productions produced a live-streamed event so that both the audience at the Metropolitan Museum and the audience around the world could enjoy multiple speakers and performances.

The full video can be viewed here.

Acer Global Press Conference

Next@Acer 2019

Frost provided live streaming for the 2019 Acer Global Press Conference, using multiple camera angles, and seamless real-time switching.

The video (check it out here) currently has almost 25,000 view on YouTube, an impressive number of impression to add to the in-person attendance.

Why Frost Productions

Frost Productions manages every facet of event production in-house. With 40 years of experience in the most buzzing city in the world, we have the expertise, resources, and partnerships from Coast to Coast that combine to make your event a success.

We’d be happy to help create the perfect package for your virtual or semi-virtual event.

Contact Us:

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    • Accoutn Manager
    • MunK@FrostProductions.Biz
  • Emily Penick
    • Associate Accoutn Manager
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