Gardner Gala

Isabella Gardner Stewart Museum

For the past several years, we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum to produce the annual ISGM Fundraiser Gala in Boston, Massachusetts. For the exclusive event, we designed an intelligent LED lighting scheme that illuminated the new Hotsetter Gallery with blocks of green and patterned lighting, which guests admired through glass windows as they made their way from cocktail hour in the palace to dinner in the new wing of the museum.

To enhance the dining experience inside Calderwood Hall – a multi-level theatre space – we hung three layers of vibrantly colored, crystal organza fabric above the main floor. This helped isolate it from the upper two seating levels, creating an intimate, Moroccan-themed dining room for guests. We down lit the stunning canopy overhead with thematic patterns and placed bright uplighting on the lower level, continuing the color theme throughout the entire room. To completely vivify the space, we worked closely with Winston Flowers to draw attention to the stunning floras, spice bowls, lanterns and table décor with washes of light and intricate patterns.

Inside the grand and cavernous Tapestry Room, the challenge was to support our lighting without the use of standard pipe and base equipment, keeping the look clean while protecting the priceless tapestry in the room. We did so with wireless and magnetic pin spotting from within the table scape and gold pedestals, which illuminated the beautiful Palm Franz centerpieces and composite arrangement down the length of the table.

Event Details

Lighting Design, Fabric Décor & Event Production